To promote musical excellence among people of all ages in the community of Rock County, WI.


To be a club of music appreciators and performers who promote musical excellence in the community of Rock County, WI, by supporting musical culture, sponsoring music education, and providing performance opportunities.

The MacDowell Music Club accomplishes its mission by awarding scholarships for music education to young musicians, hosting concerts by professional musicians that are free and open to the public, holding concerts where members and students may perform, and helping to facilitate the annual National Federation of Music Clubs' Junior Music Festival.


1903- The beginnings of the MacDowell Music Club started on January 19, 1903, when a group of pianists from Janesville, WI, organized the Pianists' Club. The club met in members' homes, and its primary purpose was to promote musical culture in Janesville. Concerts and operas were presented in Library Hall and in the Myers Grand Opera House.

At the Pianists' Club's March 16, 1903, meeting members voted to change the club's name to the Schumann Club. New members included piano, instrumental, art, and dance instructors.

1912- The Schumann Club was renamed the MacDowell Club in honor of Edward MacDowell, then considered to be the foremost composer in the United States.

1913- The MacDowell Club voted to become a member of the Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs.

1918- Edward MacDowell's wife, Marian MacDowell, urged MacDowell Music Clubs throughout the United States to federate. After a visit from Mrs. MacDowell in 1914, the Janesville MacDowell Club voted to belong to the National Federation of Music Clubs in 1918.

1928- The MacDowell Club held its first meeting in the newly opened Janesville Woman's Club building, which is still considered the club's home today.

1981- To more clearly communicate the club's musical focus to the public, the MacDowell Club was renamed the "MacDowell Music Club."

Today- The MacDowell Music Club promotes musical excellence by supporting music culture, sponsoring music education, and providing performance opportunities.

MacDowell president Kathy Hudziak gives the Apple for the Teacher Award to Karla Vriezen


For more information about the MacDowell Music Club, see the club's constitution.